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At Blue Barn Productions we strive to make
your project is unique and exclusive~

Hutchinson Correctional Facility Promo Film

A recruitment film for the Hutchinson Correctional Facility.

Black Dog Outfitters

A 2021 promotional for Black Dog Outfitters Canada waterfowl camp. 

Black Dog Outfitters

A short video reel highlighting the style of shooting you would expect to see when hunting at the Blackdog Outfitters Canada waterfowl camp.

Wheat State Roofing

Roofing and construction services

Collins Industry & RevGroup

Comparing Low Floor to Traditional Wheelchair Loading.


Unique Etching

Personalizes everyday objects into works of art. Check it out on Etsy and Facebook!


Blue Barn Productions 15 sec. TV Spot created for television ad space.

Salon Exclusive

ALTEREGO brought in pros from Italy and Miami to showcase products and techniques used by top industry professionals.

Ad Astra

Financial Group

Ad Astra is a marketing name for securities, insurance, and investment advisory services.

This video is currently under construction.


Holy Cross
Benefit Video

Stage 9

How I Learned to Drive

Hutchinsons Art Center

Bright House

Lighting the Way to End Abuse

Hutch Rec Commission

H Rec.png

Hutchinson's Historic​ Fox Theatre

Interview with Judy Mason

Oxford House I & II

Matthew Griffin

Justin Jones

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