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This is our feature-length documentary set to release early 2021. Covers the story of Cora Wellhouse and the incredible home she built in 1900 on the world's largest privately-owned apple orchard. 

MicroKansas - Tribulation

Tribulation is the first chapter of MICROKANSAS to be released to the public. We will continue to release other chapters to this story as they are completed. 


In July of 2019, our team traveled the Northern coast of Colombia for a week. Throughout our journey, we photographed and filmed everything we could from the deserts to the jungles. We spent several days with an Afro-Colombian community that had never seen Americans. Then we spent a couple of days with the indigenous Wayuu tribe. Both cultures have endured violence and displacement over the last couple of decades. This is a short promotional of the future media projects that will come from our trip.

No I’m Not a Dentist!

There is an odd sight rumbling out of small-town resident Rex Rosenberg's garage. An ordinary individual with no artistic training and little to no funding creates the quirkiest, most creative, and most difficult to categorize ride on roadways throughout the USA. Rex showcases his art car creation, the ChewBaru, all over the country at art car shows and other events, much to the delight, and, sometimes, to the disgust of onlookers who quickly ask if he's a dentist.

We have this short teaser to highlight a few topics that came up in our documentary thus far. We hope you enjoy this short and get an idea for what we are about! 

Jerusalem Cats Trailer

There are an estimated two million feral cats in Israel. We're exploring how this came to be and what is being done about it.

No Tyson in Tongie - Teaser

No Tyson in Tongie - Teaser 2

Feature documentary covering concerns for Tyson Foods opening a kill plant in Tonganoxie, KS.